What’s New

1. New Product – 3D 20 LPI Lens

Lenticular poster in Sofitel Munich

2. 40 LPI VLF Lens ready for flatbed and Litho offset printing

VLF lens is a large format lenticular sheet specifically designed for direct-to-lens litho offset printing.    This new development now makes larger print runs of very large format lenticular images economical.    VLF lens was designed as a universal lens for supporting lenticular effects such as 3D flip, motion, and special effects – including the ability to capture multiple seconds of high definition video.

Recently, the lenticular market has found new growth opportunity through the expansion of the digital printing industry.    In comparison to the conventional large format litho offset printing, the 40 LPI is capable to be used on digital flatbed inkjet printers for short run of orders.   Oce′Arizona GT250 has been successfully positioning its niche on flatbed inkjet printing of 40 LPI at Drupa 2008.  The recent China Print 2009 in Beijing, Agfa Graphic, Hong Kong did proven to run the 40 LPI on its newly digital flatbed press successfully and rewarded with the succeed in selling the press to customer in Shanghai.

The 40 LPI is compatible with traditional laminated applications of large format lenticular, but the lamination process is cost-prohibitive for large quantity projects. Direct-to-lens printing technology combined with a maximum sheet size of 48” X 72” now makes it economical to print on a volume basic. With the thickness of 0.033”, the 40 LPI VLF lens can be individually rolled, packaged and drop shipped, an important consideration for delivering lenticular products to the end user with big saving in freight cost.

3. Rolled Lenticular for Flexographic Printing enters the market

Eastman Chemical Company and custom sheet extruder PACUR have created a new lenticular lens to meet the needs of direct-to-lens flexographic printing. The development of LENSTAR Flexo makes lenticular labels and packaging far more economical than was previously possible. The new materials has 150 lenses per inch (LPI) and is available in rolls to accommodate the needs of flexographic printing.

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