About Us

PACUR / ASIA LENTECH (H.K) CO. (Asia Lentech) is proudly presenting LENSTARplus, the premium quality lenticular sheet that has been produced from LENSTARplus, a new Polyester resin developed by Eastman Chemical specifically for the lenticular print market.

Asia Lentech is the marketing, distribution and technical support centre of PACUR LENSTARplus lenticular sheet in Asia to service the needs of high quality lenticular print demand by printers.

We are committed to the success of lenticular business for every printers who care for short delivery lead time on the orders. For this reason, we are standing by the inventory in standard sheet sizes for all type of LPIs available for shipment from the warehouse service location and ship point in Hong Kong to cater for the demand of materials on a timing basic.

To be successful in good lenticular printing, we understand the selections on quality and collect types of lens used is important. In order to achieve for the best lenticular produced, we offer a wide range of lens designs (please refer to general overview of LENSTARplus lenticular sheet under product) to fulfill every niche in lenticular applications.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable technical support team is in the position to answer any technical questions on LENSTARplus lenticular sheet from general images setting to printing solutions on request basic.

If necessarily, a comprehensive on-site training program is available subject to terms and conditions (please refer to contact under support and service).

Our goal is to make every printer succeed in lenticular printing with high performance of LENSTARplus materials used to boost the corporate images and business profitability.

LENSTARplus is the only choice to the success in lenticular business.

For further information on LENSTARplus lenticular sheet, please contact us.